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 The East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) has always had a strong commitment to public involvement in our regional decision-making processes. Our Board of Directors make transportation-related decisions affecting everything from the vitality of our regional economy to the daily lives of our citizens. Our work impacts our environment and our neighborhoods. Public guidance and advice are a vital consideration in how we allocate millions of dollars to transportation and other projects here in the St. Louis region.

Public MeetingsThe purpose of the East-West Gateway Public Involvement Plan is to set forth expectations and procedures for public involvement in our region’s transportation planning and other processes. Our public involvement plan outlines our resources and approach but most importantly it outlines specific public involvement goals and strategies that our staff will work to achieve in the coming years.

Public Involvement Plan 2014


Transportation Planning and Public Engagement

To help our elected officials make good transportation decisions, East-West Gateway oversees a four-stage transportation planning and decision-making process.  Transportation needs in the St. Louis region constantly change.  That’s why the four-stage process developed by East-West Gateway is dynamic rather than static, flexible rather than rigid.  The transportation planning fact sheet (link below) describes and illustrates the four-stage transportation planning and decision-making process.

Transportation Planning Fact Sheet


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