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East-West Gateway has a fundamental role to prepare a long-range transportation plan for the region that includes the city of St. Louis and the surrounding seven counties. Social and economic development conditions have an interactive effect on that planning.

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As the region's federally designated metropolitan planning organization, East-West Gateway has to consider how transportation decisions affect the region's quality of life and how the region's social and economic realities affect transportation. As a regional planning council, Gateway’s role is broader than transportation and includes planning for an economically viable, competitive and healthy region with quality of life for all.

East-West Gateway is attempting to develop broad goals to guide planning and policy decisions for a healthy future and pertain to how decisions are made, how the region will be shaped in the future, and where to find common ground on investment priorities.

If you have any questions or comments about this project, feel free to email us at renewingtheregion@ewgateway.org




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