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Information Links for the
Major Rivers in the St. Louis Region

There are four major rivers in the St. Louis region:  the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Meramec and the Kaskaskia.  Click on the links below to learn more about these great rivers.

 The Mississippi River

 The Missouri River

The Meramec River

The Kaskaskia River

The Great USA Flood of 1993-- presented by Lee W. Larson of the National Weather Service, Silver Spring, Maryland, at a conference in Anaheim, CA, June 24-28, 1996 

Mississippi River at Grafton -- displays graphs and other data for the Grafton, Illinois, station


Blueprint Paper:  Rising Flood Stages on the Lower Missouri River, by Robert E. Criss, Washington University, Fall, 2002

Missouri River at St. Charles - US Geologic Survey -- displays graphs and  other data for the St. Charles, Missouri, station

National Weather Service - Missouri Basin River Forecast Center -- Interactive Weather Information Network and other  types of data

US Coast Guard
- U.S. Dept. of Transportation -- Home Page

Meramec River and Its Watersheds - explains the East-West Gateway, Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources and Our Missouri Waters Initiative partnership and highlights the importance of the Meramec River and its watershed to the region.

Lower Meramec Watershed Planning - details the plan with emphasis on public lands and parks associated with the Lower Meramec watershed and its tributaries.


Kaskaskia Basin Water Supply Plan - designed to  better understand water availability and future water demands

Kaskaskia River Project - US Army Corps of Engineers

Illinois River Decision Support System: Kaskaskia Watersheds - a sarchable portal to info related to Ilinois watersheds

Kaskaskia Watershed: An Ecosystem Approach to Issues and Opportunities

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