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Page Avenue in Pagedale, MO

Vision Statement:
The vision for the Great Streets project on Page Avenue  in Pagedale is to transform the Page from Pennsylvania to Kingsland/Gruner from an unattractive roadway that is presently Current Page Avenue in Pagedalefunctionally suitable for its commercial/service corridor past into a functionally complete, walkable, green and attractive street suitable for the mixed-use district that is under development.  The transformation will entice pedestrian use and help create a central place of activity for Pagedale that is needed to compliment the more than $15,000,000 in new development Beyond Housing has completed and the tens of millions more planned for the years to come

Project Description:
The Great Streets project proposed for Pagedale and sponsored by Beyond Housing, Inc. (BH), is located on slightly longer than one – half mile stretch of Page Avenue, from Pennsylvania Avenue on the west to Kingsland/Gruner on the east. Approximately half of this proposed stretch, specifically from Buckner to Kingsland, is located within the boundaries of a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District for which the City of Pagedale has designated BH as Master Developer. In 2010 BH built a grocery store at Page and Ferguson that it successfully leased to Save-A-Lot. Before the end of 2012, BH will open a 42 unit affordable apartment building for senior citizens that  includes community space, neighborhood retail and a full-service branch of Midwest Bank Centre, the first bank ever to locate in Pagedale. At present, BH is engaged in pre-development efforts for a health center and retail mixed-used building on the northeast corner of Page and Ferguson and a diner and movie theatre mixed-use project with a public park on the southeast corner of the same intersection. BH has already developed over $15 million of new projects and will development more than $15 million in the next two years.    

Over the next five to seven years, BH will attract additional developers to projects in the TIF District, creating rental residential properties for  transit-dependent workforce members and others in the community, needed and desired neighborhood retail, entertainment venues and additional public space. Looking longer term, the development efforts will extend westward, outside the boundaries of the current TIF District, adding attractive mixed-use projects all the way to Pennsylvania. It is our belief that in 20 to 30 years from now, or hopefully sooner, this stretch of Page will look and behave in a fashion similar to the mixed-use town centers in Kirkwood or Maplewood providing attractive amenities to the residents of the area and attracting others from outside the community. 


Map of Page Avenue Project Area

Project Area Map

Master Plan:
Page Avenue Master Plan - Complete Document
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Appendices - Complete
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By Chapters:
1: Project Introduction
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2: Planning Process
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3: Page Ave. Yesterday
(1.7 mg)
4: Page Ave. Today
(2.9 mg)
5: Page Ave. Tomorrow
(752 kb)
6: Vision Plan
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7: Implementation
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